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Hello all

Feeling sad , lonely and missing Walter so much. A bit of the old feelings are back, not as intenseas before, but back : How will I cope, nothing more to look forward to, the future stretches ahead with so many years , Cant something catastrophic happen ( that doesnt affect me and my children) just to distract us from our grief ....is this normal)

Triggered off I think by Our first family wedding. Walters nephew got married on Saturday. He would have been the master of ceremonies, made all the speeches etc. I just cannot imagine that he is truly gone....

Oh God please strengthen me, I pray in Jesus name.....

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I have found that weddings always trigger those sad lonely feelings, but you have made it through your first one which is always the hardest. I am in agreement with your prayers for strength. The Bible verse that gets me through a lot of the hard firsts we go through is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

Hugs & prayers,



Did you take your meds? ;)

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Weddings and funerals and visits to the hospital...

I've found that it helps if I remind myself why I am there and try to focus on the intended people and try not to think about my own situation, at least for the duration of the event...then I can go to pieces later but it won't detract from the event at hand at least. Some things are really tough to get through, but we can.

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