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Walking Gently Through The Transition Of Our Animals


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I just received the sad news that Lynn McKenzie's treasured canine companion, Jiggs, has recently transitioned, as of Sept.10/07. As Lynn put it herself, "He was a huge presence in my life for 14 ½ years and an incredible teacher and guide."

I know Jiggs' spiritual presence was felt by some of us who took classes through Lynn, though he was still alive then. He was one of the guides (along with her Ascended Equine Master guide, Lucero) who aided her students so willingly and powerfully during our Animal Communication practices, and I'm sure he will continue to do so from the Spirit Kingdom. In honour of the wonderful being who is Jiggs, I'd like to share Lynn's most recent newsletter article with you all. May Jiggs' spirit keep shining brightly as a powerful example of the wonder and beauty of the connectedness we have with every fellow species on earth. Bless you, and thank you, Jiggs, for everything you've taught us. :wub:

Walking Gently Through the Transition of our Animal Companions

Facing the transition of one we love, whether human or animal, is not something we like to think about, but the reality and inevitability of it makes it something we must do, often many times, when we choose to share our lives with animal companions. I thought I’d share a few tips that I found helpful, to help you consciously negotiate the process whenever this time comes for you.

Be present – do your very best to stay in the present moment with your animal companion throughout the entire process. This way you can be fully there for both them and yourself.

Breathe – be sure to breathe deeply throughout all of the trials and tribulations of the process including that actual moment when the soul leaves the body, if you are there. When stressed we often forget to breathe deeply and receive the healing benefits associated with it.

Be grounded – maintain your connection to Mother Earth. Feel your feet on the floor and your energy field firmly around you. If you are having problems grounding, either lie down on the ground, or hug a tree, you will be amazed at the shift you will experience.

Keep your Animal Companion Comfortable – at the end of the life of your animal companion, do you very best to keep them as comfortable as possible, always being conscious of what and how they’re feeling.

Gentle Support – use flower essences to support you and your animal companions through the process. I used my Easing Loss formula.

Honor their Process – honor the process they go through, it is not always as clear cut as we would like, and may take turns which can be hard on us, but by staying connected to and allowing them their process, we are offering a wonderful gift to them.

Allow them to go – let them know that it’s ok to go, and that you will be ok. Often they will hang on for us, and by letting them know that it’s ok for them to go, you help to free their soul.

Understand the naturalness of the process – the cycle of life, death and rebirth is all around us in nature. Each part of this cycle is as natural as another. Our animal companions celebrate death, and show me images of themselves as soaring like eagles after leaving their bodies. It is true joy for them.

Be Gentle with Yourself – allow yourself enough time to grieve, and process your emotions. Letting them out now, will be much healthier than pushing them down, as they have a tendency to fester when unexpressed. I used my flower essence Easing Loss and the homeopathic Ignatia and they were a godsend.

Practice Self Care – do nice things for yourself. Get a massage, go for a healing treatment, take baths, spend a weekend away or simply in nature. Whatever it is that will really make you feel cared for.

Stay connected to their Spirit – know that your animal companions will stay connected to you in spirit, and that the love that you shared doesn’t end with the ending of their physical body. Their spirits live on and they love to connect with you from the other side, either directly or though the help of an animal intuitive.

I hope you don’t need these tips soon, but you will have them when you do. I followed them during my time of loss, and they were very useful to me.

Intuitive Consultant & Life Coach helping Animals and their People, Lynn McKenzie is passionate about helping others attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share. To learn more about her work and sign up for her FREE Making the Heart Connection mini course, please visit AnimalEnergy.

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