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Thanx for the reminder to feel the feelings and in this way be encouraged to heal further. Well I have beeen in pain all week, since the incident with my daughters car. MY heart is sore and painful, longing , I am aching and missing Walter so much,. i can feel the anxiety and the pain even as I am writing... This week I have been getting into bed early with my pain, taking medication and sleeping till the next morning. what a break my drug induced sleep has been from the heartache. Its weekend and I am praying taht God will allow me to experience this weekend differently...a new place to go, people to mingle with..but I dont have the energy to arrange any of this myself

I pray for Gods strength to getr me thru and for His peace

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I'm glad you are sleeping better. It's so important at a time like this. It's hard to get out or meet people when you are in such pain. Maybe you could just go to a park and sit and watch people. Sometimes that helps to make you feel not so alone, even if you don't talk to anyone. I know when I go out just to do grocery shopping or other errands, and just have brief conversations, it makes me feel more "normal". I have one friend that I talk to a lot, but she doesn't live in the same state as I do, so it's not a day-to-day thing. But any kind of interaction with another person makes you feel better. Sleep well.



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Dear Erica,

I hope u are feeling better now. You have my prayers. I have been going through a lot of emotions too. Tonight, i feel so bad i couldnt stop the tears from flowing. I am looking at my wrist, looking at my pulse thinking if i slash my wrist, then tomorrow i wouldnt be here, and i wouldnt feel the pain anymore. But as always, i know i could never do it, i couldnt take my own life for the main reason that i will end up in hell and my beloved and i will not be together in the afterlife. I couldnt bear not to be with him again. So, i dont have a choice but to live this life each day, going with the flow of life, not expecting anything. I feel like just existing not living..i feel so numb, i feel so tired. It is almost my 4 months now, yet the pain is still so deep. I hope all of us here will soon find peace and healing and see the beauty of life again.

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