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Just a quick note to introduce myself to the loss of spouse/partner or significant other group, although it appears that I might be the first poster to this section.

I am Lynda, or bobsgal. My husband Bob died suddenly from a massive heart attack in my arms in the early morning hours of August 3, 1995. For the first 1½ years I moved in a fog, kept there with much effort on my part. We had no children, and I could see no reason for my life to continue, how could I ever find anything to bring me joy again?, but somehow I kept breathing. I found my way online about 2 years into my journey, and immediately searched out groups that understood where I was, that had suffered like losses. That is when I began my road to healing in earnest. Although nothing takes Bob's place, I have found joy in living again. I was so afraid that by healing I would forget the many things about our life and love, the way Bob sounded or looked, or the things he would say. But just the opposite is true. As I moved forward on this path, those memories have become more acute and firmly embedded in my heart and head.

I hope that those that come to this forum find the help and acceptance of others that know where you are and have been there to give you a hand up when needed. I hope that you are comforted by loving memories of happy times to carry you thru the rough patches.

Love and Blessings,



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