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Last Words

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Last Words

Why do some journeys start? Why do some journeys have to end?

You weren't just my brother, you were my best friend.

My last words to you, were the same as yours back to me,

and I just can't help wondering, if some things are meant to be.

I can't describe the pain, the pain I feel deep inside,

I've tried to see your pain and suffering, and Daniel, and how I've tried.

Mum lived and breathed for you, and you had a very special bond,

but she can't help feeling hurt, she just can't help feeling wronged.

I remember the time when you helped me thru this pain and you said if this happened to you

Id be okay, and maybe you knew me well, but Daniel this time I’m going thru hell.

You didn't know the value of your life, maybe you do now, now that you've gone,

out of you a warmth radiated, out of you, your love brightly shone.

And now all we have left, are your memories, the old times we use to drink together,

and that heart sinking feeling that you get, when you realise that there's no turning back.

And Amy has missed you, I believe you will always regret the last night you had, but clocks, they only go the one way, and the only feeling left is pain.

You are now free of your pain, but not so for those that you've left behind, we're left with the agony of loving you, and at times that logic is hard to find.

You had so many wonderful qualities, in fact, too many to individually list, you were such a good, kind, loving person, and you really are very deeply missed.

You'll be free from the suffering and the pain, but each day knowing that your gone gives me so much pain, because your still here in spirit which isn’t so bad, no matter what anyone says you still remain the best friend I've ever had.

And the message I'd like to pass on,

Daniel was my best friend. When a close person to me died Daniel hugged me n told me that he knew I was strong, much stronger than he was and that id get thru it and he told me if the same thing ever happened to him he knows id get through it!! Daniel knew me really well but obviously not well enough to know that i’m still not handling his death!

I will always love you Daniel!!!

R.I.P Daniel CharleS NoBLe!

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