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Doing Something In Memory Of Our Loved Ones

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I am trying to continue a new tradition that i started last christmas in memory of my mom. i want to do something each yr to remenber her. Christams and the holidays were her favorite, this was a time when all of her 5 children came together. i realize now how important that was to her.

Last yr i volunteered at a loceal soup kitchen. you can not believe how many people do not have enough money to just buy groceries. they were everyday people who worked, payed there bills but in the end could not afford food for the week. this shelter was open 7 days a week , 3 meals a day. it opened my eyes to alot. alot of people think it is only for the homeeless but you would be amazed. giving back really helped me alot and i know my mom would be proud.

this yr i have decided to adopt a family . i don't have alot of extra money but if i can do with out to give to a family it will be worth it. my boys can help with this . i think my mom will be smiling. the holidays will be hard once again and since i don't have my siblings i think this will bring some comfort.

Just thought i would share this with all. Lori

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We did something different last year for Xmas. All my cousins usually exchange gifts..we decided to take the money that we would all spend on eachother and find a family that needed it more than us...we did this in my mom's memory. We called the elementary school where my kids went and explained what we wanted to do. They were thrilled and knew a family that would be so happy. It felt so great and I know my mom was smiling down on us.We plan to do it again this year.

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Lori and Annie,

What wonderful ways to "celebrate" the holidays, and I'm sure your moms are proud! I think helping other people or animals is one good way of healing and keeping your mind on something besides your own grief. We all have to be reminded of others misery once in awhile too! Kind of makes us realize that we aren't the only ones suffering and that it may be hard on us, but some have it worse in a lot of ways. Good for the two of you!



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I just also signed up to sponsor a soldier in Iraq. i did this when 9/11 first happened, i sent a box over for a K-p unit and there handlers. i thought it would be nice to do again. i am waiting to hear back from them. this program you write or send a card everyweek and a care package every month. i feel this is the least i can do since they fight for my freedom. they have to approve you first so i will let you know. lori

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Hi All,

I am going to put on a christmas dinner, The first one since my mom and dad died... I am actually really looking forward to make the house pretty with Christmas decorations... I know that when the day comes I will probably have some of the day remembering mom and dad but I am going to toast this Christmas to the memories of my parents.... Take care Shelley

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