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Our New Addition - Yukon Jack


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WOW up until Nvwati was born red and white sibes seemed so few and far between, now Yukon arrives and you (AnnieO) know of one too? So tell me are you going to adopt this red and white sibe there who needs a home? they are wonderful beings!

Hi Corinne, Yes Yukon is a handsome guy isn't he? He and Mkwaa are getting along fine now that he understands she is alpha! LOL........ seriously, they are getting along fine. Mkwaa seems a bit better. She's still getting used to him because he's only been here a week.

I spend time alone with each of them every day to help with the transition.

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What a beautiful, magnificent boy! LOVE the double eye colour, too! I hope he and Mkwaa become the best of pals. I assume you've already told Mkwaa why Yukon is there with the two of you, so she, too, knows he's not a 'replacement' for Nvwati? So glad to hear they're learning to get along well with each other and that Mkwaa is still ruling her roost! ^_^

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Maylissa Yes I have talked to Mkwaa at length before Yukon arrived and daily since. I noticed that when I got home from doctors yesterday Mkwaa has another hot spot on her side. So she is obviously still stressed. Going to take her to park alone today to spend some alone time with her.

Yukon is loving his new home.

LOVE the double eye colour, too!

I forgot to add Yes his double eye colour is striking. The problem is when I look at him to talk to him I don't know WHICH eye to look at. LOL.

He certainly stands out in a crowd. Already getting a lot of "Oh he is so beautiful!" comments from passersby as we are out several times a day.

When this happens Mkwaa ( as she always did when Nvwati got those comments) goes right up to whomever is saying it and rubs against them as if to say "Hey! Im beautiful too! Look at me! I'm a real sweetie pie"

And she is.

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As soon as I read that, I felt sooooo bad for Mkwaa! :unsure:

Maybe she'd like an extra bandana that says exactly that! ;):D

Yes, hotspots are very often triggered by stress reactions.....&/or allergies, most often to food. Poor girl! (Hope she never gets put on steroids for this, as they're just BAAAAAAD news and not only never cure the real cause, but almost always lead to other, even worse problems)

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Well if Mkwaa hesitates even a second when this happens I have always pointed her out and said "Hey she's adorable too!" Hmmmmmmmmm I could make her a bandana that says just that!

I won't have her put on steroids. Don't trust them. When she had them before I put some of that spray bandade on her that tastes like green apples and had to muzzle her if she had to be left home for any reason.

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