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Our Dear Friend Is Gone


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Hi All,

It saddens me to tell you all that we lost our Bailey today.... She had a very bad spell a few hours ago and the vet said the only thing that can now be done is to put her to sleep... My sister and I are crushed...Seeing my three year nephew say bye to Bailey for the last time just broke my heart.... Please pray for my neice and nephews as they try and get over the lost of their dear pet and friend Bailey the princess.... Yours Tearfully Shelley

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Thank you Corinne,

I really am thankful for people like you who do really care about others... Thank you very much Shelley

Thank you Marty T,

I saw my neice tonight really cry for the very first time.... It was very heartbreaking for me...I saw my oldest nephew run up and down the stairs looking for Bailey and not believing she was gone... than I noticed him gone off by himself and punching a ball against the floor and wall saying that he was angry that Bailey was gone.... My youngest nephew who is three years old was sitting beside his sister and as she was crying he kept saying it will be all right Kenzie, Bailey is just a little sick...This is the first time I had been around the kids when they heard news like this before... Please keep us in your prayers Shelley

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Thank you All,

Thank you for your replies and your kind words and prayers... Today was a little better but I still find myself looking for her and wondering where she is... But than remembering that she is up in heaven playing with my mom and dad probably having a great time... Take care and God Bless you All Shelley

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