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Animal Communication With Penelope Smith


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The field of animal communication has been growing in leaps and bounds for quite some time now. If you're a 'newbie' to this arena and aren't sure what it's about or if you'd like to learn more about what it entails, here is a rare opportunity to listen to Penelope Smith, the "pioneer" of Animal Communication in N.America (and now globally), speaking with Anamika (another notable spiritual leader in today's world) about her own history in animal communication, her training and background, what the animals do for us, how to start to open to them (communicate with them properly and respectfully), things the animals have taught her, the role of whales and dolphins, personal stories such as what Anamika's remaining dog, Shaqqara, taught her one day, how AC has grown throughout the world over the last few decades, and more. The whole interview is about 1/2 hr. long, with few commercials.

Penelope is now 61 years old and unfortunately no longer does private sessions in animal communication, although she still offers group classes, excursions to connect with whales and dolphins, has tapes and books, a newsletter, and continues to help animals and people in many ways.

Listen to the radio interview here.

To learn more about Anamika and the story of her spiritual journey with her two Afghan dogs, and listen to many other amazing audio programs on her show (see Audio Archives link), see her website here.

To visit Penelope's website, AnimalTalk, click here.

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Thank you Maylissa! I really enjoyed that.

I hope this doesn't sound spooky or weird but have you heard or read anything about possibly communicating with our companions spirit after they have left the physical form?

I believe every living thing is made up of unique energy that doesn't end when the physical form dies. Sound possible to you?


BruzersDaddy, Kevin


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But, of course! Most ACers do this all the time as well. In fact, many professional ACers say it's often easier to connect with them once they're in spirit, as there are fewer 'distractions' and their energy is more 'focused'. I've done it myself (both ways), on occasion, though I'm no pro (yet). Just as there are mediums for human connections, same for animals and any other living thing. Energy can't be killed. It only changes form. It's as simple, yet profound, as that. And communication of this sort is nothing more than plain, ol' telepathy, something most everyone does everyday, but w/o realizing it. There's SO much more to our senses than most people are aware of. In fact, some people have discovered that we actually have 12 senses, not just 5.

You can read a good description of AC's uses on Teresa Wagner's website here.

Here's a famous quote I like that she begins her discourse with:

The deeper we look into nature, the more

profoundly we realize that all life is valuable

and that we are united to all life.

From this knowledge comes our

spiritual relationship to the universe.

~ Albert Schweitzer

Bruzer's SUCH a little cutie. :wub: You must be missing him so....

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Many thanks for your wealth of information and kind words. I shall embark on the journey to connect with my dear boy Bruzer in new ways. I have come up with a phrase that is helping me through this transitional period of my life.

"Feel the colors, see the sounds, hear the light. Life is to be experienced in many different ways."


Kevin B.

Phoenix, AZ

Make sense to you?

Best Regards, Kevin

Here is another picture of my boy, Bruzer. And yes, I miss him like a part of my soul is gone.


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You're most welcome. I'm just glad you've opened enough to take this to heart! :wub:

What you said encompasses so much:

"Feel the colors, see the sounds, hear the light. Life is to be experienced in many different ways."

This is so close to the concepts Anamika discusses in her audio, "The Basics of Awakening," here. You might like to give it a listen and try the little exercise she mentions (using a table). These ways of living are often very subtle, at least when we're just starting out, but practice, practice, practice helps them develop. So yes, your phrase makes perfect sense to me, even if I'm not as practiced in this as I'd like, either.

If you're ever feeling up to it, you might also want to check out the audio interviews on this site I was just introduced to:

Conscious Media Network. While these interviews (at the bottom of the page) aren't expressly about animal loss, or any loss necessarily (although there are one or two that sound close), they will help you open to higher and higher concepts that have been encircling the planet over the past couple of decades, but which so many people aren't yet aware of. Things like this only help us realize how it is that things like telepathy, communion with spirit(s) and concepts about time and distance not mattering, etc. actually work and are real.

You might think of any part of this as the 'soul', or creation of Bruzer's and your relationship (like an entity unto itself) whispering in your ear to manifest something really large and important for BOTH of your sakes....and as a way to continue your relationship with him.

Oh, yes, he's one sweet-looking boy!.....lots TO miss, I'm sure. And in the spirit of sharing, here's one of my two biggest spiritual teachers, my own Sabin & Nissa. Today is Nissa's 15th month anniversary....it's still hard...


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Well, who minds an 'interruption' when it's to receive a compliment of one's kids? Thank you, Marty.....yes, my son and daughter were truly gorgeous felines... -_- I could talk about how beautiful they were, inside and out, aaaaallll daaaaaayyyyy....

If only I could have claimed they got their good looks from their mother! And it was always hard to get good photos of Sabin...we always teased him that when he closed his eyes, his face would disappear, he was so solid black! :ninja:

Oh, and Marty, that last link I just posted here....you'll be pleased to know that Belleruth Naparstek is one of the 'speakers', on Guided Imagery, so you, too, might want to check the site out. :)

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