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Elizabeth Harper Neeld shares with us the special column she was invited to write for the AARP Web site:

A while back, right before the holiday season, a member of the national staff at AARP called to ask me to write a special column for their website. "Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas…all these special occasions are coming," Susan said, "Since this is such a difficult time for those who have experienced loss, we would like you to write a piece that might be useful to people who are grieving." I was happy to say yes to AARP's request because I knew, both from my own personal experience and from the research I had done for my books Seven Choices and Tough Transitions, that the holiday season is a specific kind of challenge. All of these holidays celebrate family, togetherness, light, peace, joy, and miracle…and for those of us grieving it is the very absence of all these things that make the days especially long and the nights empty.

Here is the piece I wrote, called "Ashes & Embers." I hope you or those you might pass the newsletter along to find value in these thoughts that I send along to you today with care and love. Read on . . .

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