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Without You....


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Here i am

All alone

With all my thoughts

I am trying to rememer all the good times

We had

But they seem so distant

Sometimes i can hear you voice whisper my name

I look around

I respond to your voice

But you don't answer back

Sometimes I can hear your wonderful laugh

I want to laugh with you

But I can't

Cause your not there

Sometimes i feel that you sitting right next to me

I can smell you lovely skin

Feel your warmth

I can almoust touch you

But everytime i try to take a look at you

You are gone

My heart feels do thorn apart

I feel so confused

I can't stand the distant between us

I can't wait to see you

It feels like every road i take just leads me back to you

I want to move on

I want you to be a sweet memory

And know in my heart that we will meet again

I know that we will somemeday

It's just so hard to see right now

Cause i miss you so much

I can't see through all these tears

The pain is unstoppable

Just keep on coming and coming

Everytime i feel that i am on my way getting over you

You come back into my mind

It's like a ghost haunting me

A ghost that won't let go

Or is it me that won't let you go....?

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