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How To Help If Your Friend's Loved One Dies


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Let me know if there’s anything I can do...

This article, "Your Friend’s Loved One Just Died - Here’s How To Help" http://www.affairsorganizer.com/frnds_frnd_died.html has some practical & helpful things friends can do.

No rocket science here, but some good ideas just the same.

One of the suggestions is to "Answer the telephone at your friend’s house. There may be more than a hundred calls per day during a crisis, many of which are simple requests for information (dates, addresses, directions, etc.). Managing even half of these calls can be extremely helpful. Depending upon your friendship and your friend’s wishes for privacy, consider offering the same help with your friend’s email."

Any thoughts about this one above?

Other ideas?

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Hi Ernie,

Very good ideas. This kind of gentle, quiet understanding would be a good thing to someone suffering a loss. In my case my daughter stayed with me for a week and her presence was so needed. We all need to be this kind of good friend. Thanks.

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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That list you made is very helpful. I think I will find myself going back to it for reference. There is simply so much information there! Thanks.

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