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Feeling Stressed At Times And Worry

Guest Gamer205

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Guest Gamer205

:D I am a person of faith,I have had times where I thought I was going to lose my faith all together and that was going to be it,but thank goodness that didn't happen and I still have faith and belive that God will help me threw my hardest times,

:( I'm going threw feelings of stress and worry right now and I know the Bible tells us not to worry but we are humans and were going to worry when things are looking bad or we feel stressed about something going on and I know God understands that,

I don't want to sound like a person with all the problems in the world because clearly there are a lot worser things other people are going threw but I am under some stress worried about my Dad who was told that he has copd its something smokers get and I'm worried about him and to make matters worse his Mother,my Granny who lives with us has got Altimers and she is geting worse with that disease,shes in the middle stages of that but geting worse all the time and I worry how my Dad will take it because back in 1996 when he lossed his dad to Cancer that was the hardest thing I had ever seen him have to go threw and it hurt me to see him like that,I'm worried how he will handle when she eventualy dies,Shes up in her late 80's so I worry about him and how its going to effect him,

Its hard to see my Dad's Mom just not like her self and her loss of memory at times she sometimes will ask him is it time to eat breakfeast at 7:30 in the Evening its just sad to see what that kind of disease does to people,

I love my pet I have a Dog and its a poodle and Her name is CoCo and shes just a rotten little dog I mean she gets her way around our house lol

My Dog CoCo is geting up in age and We've took her to the doctor she has this thing she goes threw like mini strokes or something?

I worry about loseing her to,I mean even if its just a pet it still hurts when you've gotten to know your pet and its become part of the family,She's like 5 years old so We've had her a long time,I just have a hard time thinking of loseing her which I know it will happen eventualy but I hope you all can understand my fear about that,

I just have a lot on my mind lately and kinda under a little stress worried about these things,

Anyway Thanks for reading my post

Gamer205-Robert :(

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Have you ever meditated? That's exactly what you're doing when you worry, but you're not meditating on the things that can bring peace, joy, and all the good things the Good Lord wants you to meditate on. Try and think of it that way. Sometimes when we think so much about something it becomes a part of us, right? I'm sure you only want good thoughts and feelings to become a part of you, so try and think that way. It might help. It's a hard situation you're living in, but you have the faith and strength to make it be okay. I have a wonderful black labrador named Sadie Mae. She's spoiled, too, but she obeys beautifully. I just spoil her with hugs and good thoughts. Hang in there, you're doing fine.

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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Guest Gamer205

:D Yeah your right KarenB,

I'll be fine I just have to think on how God has everything in control and I'm going to keep my mind on his love and kindness and that he is with me even in the hardest of times,

Thanks for your reply,and take care

God bless all here at Griefhealing and thank you all for being such great friends and helping me along my way,I really appreate you all.

Gamer205-Robert Fraley


I know I shouldn't worry sometimes but I do,but I also am comforted by the fact that God is there for me and I can trust him and that he loves me and he is in total control,

And I have great friends here at Griefhealing. :D

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:( I'm going threw feelings of stress and worry right now and I know the Bible tells us not to worry but we are humans and were going to worry when things are looking bad or we feel stressed about something going on...

Worry, Robert, is living in the future rather than in the present.

To put it in Christian terms, when Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field, how they don't work and strive and worry, and to be like them, what most people fail to do is to consider HOW it is that flowers escape the problem of worry.

Flowers just ARE. The key is BEING. Being in the present moment, and surrendering to it.

Make a game of observing your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you -- don't confuse them with you. They are just thoughts. Everyone has a constant stream of them parading through their heads.

When a thought produces a negative emotion, consider what that thought dwells on. It will ALWAYS be focused on the past, or on the future. Keep returning your attention to the present and you will find your mood becoming calmer. This is what Jesus meant when he said, "Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

I am not saying you shouldn't learn from past mistakes or make future plans, but you have to take 100% of your pleasure and delight from the very moment you are now in. It's all you've ever had or ever will have. Most people spend all their time waiting to live, waiting to be happy, someday in the future, when in truth, the only happiness they will ever have is right here and now.

Hang in there,


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Great advice. Reminds me of the John Lennon quote: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". I think sometimes we all think too much. Facing your feelings head on and coming to terms with yourself and what life has dealt you is healing, but there comes a time when we have to just live. As you said, you have to live in the moment.



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