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One Year Today

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It is one year today that my grandmother died.This passed year I would not like to live through again, Jan 20/07 my husband Bruce died he was only 53 trying to deal with that was and is still very hard and them 2 months later my grandmother died. My husband and I where married 30 years and my grandmother was there for me all my life...she come and helped us when each of our children where born and after my grandfather died she moved in with us and lived with us for 10 years...then she moved in with my parents for a few years but missed us so much that she moved back with me and my husband. The last few years she lived with my parents again but always thought of our house as her home. As I sit here a type this post I think of all the things that my grandmother did for me and how much she loved me. She was 92 when she died except for the last year of her life was she was in great shape everyone thought that she was my mom and when I would tell them that she was my grandmother they had a hard time believing it...she looked young and was very young at heart.I was so very blessed to have had her for my grandmother and miss her very much...sometimes I wonder if she and Bruce are up there together looking out for us down here. The tow most important people in my life are now gone and life is so much sadder for it. Thanks for listening to me. Gail

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I'm so sorry for your losses. I lost my mom and dad within three years and many others, so I understand that feeling of having lost some of the most important people in your life. It's just sad and hard. Just take it one day at a time. Hang in there.



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Gail: We're with you all the time but especially now. I hope by letting us share your deep hurt it can make your heart a little lighter.

Take Care- DoubleJo

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