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My Little Brother Daniel Lee Carter II


Hello to All, I hope it is all right to post a site to this forum... as my brother Danny often called me his second mom, and I have no childern, so in away I guess I was... The site is in honor and memory of my little brother Danny, and I am hoping to get as many people to see it that will take time to look at it, as its one of the only things I can do for him now... My goal would be to have have as many hits to the site by Christmas as possible, kind of my way of giving Danny something from my heart... I know it may sound silly to some, but I am so proud of him, and I want to share his words and memory with as many folks as I can reach out to... Please if any of you would like to pass it on to others to view, I would welcome the help in getting it seen and in away keeping his spirit alive... Thank you all for your time...   

God Bless,

Dora (Ohio)

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