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How Do You Get Help After Three Years


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Hi All,

I lost my parents three years ago, and there are still days where I think I should try to find someone again to talk to... But I figure after three years I should not need a professional to talk to... I can not tell what I am feeling is from the grieve I feel for the loss or some other personal problems... How can I mention this to the family they all think I was crazy if I told them this... Shelley

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Why mention it to your family? Make a few phone calls on your own. Wasn't there a counselor who was going to help you by phone?

Take care- DoubleJo

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Hi DoubleJo,

There was a counsellor but it just did not work out... I have a three year old at home all day and trying to arrange a time was very difficult to do because I need to be with him... I talk with my sister all the time but I can not mention this to her... I think I might just try to phone the counsellor I had before and see if there is a way she can talk after work hours... Take care Shelley

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Personally I would just make some phone calls or go online for help.

Family - in my case is very judgemental at times.

I wish I would not have told my family I turned to my doctor for help, because they tell me that I took the easy way out by not grieving, but I am clouding my memory and grief with pills.

And this is not true at all. Even my doctor says I was strong enough to ask for help and he said he is there to help people.

My sister has had so many people die in her life that she is able to deal with death better whereas I have only had my dad die.

You are taking a big step in admitting you need help. Good for you. It took me some time before I said I have to reach out, I was becoming destructive and out of control.

I would first talk to you doctor - my doctor has been great, he is like this board he is my support group, and he is so great at listening and not judgemental. This is a start.

Good luck in your healing and take care of yourself.

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