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Dear aleutia,

I know you remember becky. Well she's gone today. I thought there was no more damage that could be done to my heart and soul. I was wrong. God how i wish you were here at least i could hold you and watch your fur as my tears rolled down. I miss you so much. every time i think i have a grip on things some kind of tragedy strikes like today and another piece of me is torn apart and thrown away. I just want to be with you right now. I dont want riches or fancy things or anything else, i just want to be with you and to feel only peace with you, the peace we found together when we went walking in the woods on our property. I want to feel your fur , kiss your face, and hold you to me so tightly. i knew you if no one else understood and i felt hope and peace and caring from you; just like we did when Jessica died. I still love you so much it hurts, i loved Becky too, now she is dead. every since you left people just die as soon as i start to feel like i can love again. I'm going to close my heart and soul off from everyone and everything from now on except you. At least i new you loved and cared about me as well. Please be there at the bridge and know I am comming. One way or the other I am comming and its only you I want to be with. Love Christy

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