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My friends, I guess an update for those of you who prayed for my son, Danny. He was evicted from his apartment because those drug people would not stop coming around. For those of you who haven't been around this type of thing, those predators always zero in on the mentally ill. My son was very vulnerable, and it was advised that he shouldn't live with me. He likes Whatcom County anyway, and I prayed that his housing subsidy would be saved. The caseworker did just that for his future housing, and moved him back into the Lake Whatcom Treatment Center. He's very lucky, and I hope he knows it. He'll get his meals, keep his job, and be safe from those people. Thanks for your prayers and support. I'll go up this week-end and clean his apartment, try to get rid of what I can, store some stuff here, etc. I'll bring my pepper spray in case they try to come around. Thanks, again, my friends.

Your friend, Karen :wacko:

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I'm so glad things are working out for your son and he'll be away from those vulture druggies. As Wendy says, please let us all know when you're back home and safe.

I pray things will come together for my sister as they did for Danny. She was supposed to have started back to work last Monday, seemed to be in good spirits and was excited about seeing her work friends again. I'd been trying to call her all this week to see if work went well, but she wasn't picking up her messages.

This morning, I found out why: she went off her meds again and has ended up back in the psych ward with her bipolar disease, diabetes and blood pressure all out of control and making her sick. She has run out of chances at her job, and they don't want her back. It's highly doubtful she'll ever be able to work again.

Because I live so far away, up till now my relatives back in Pennsylvania have been helping Alice every time she got in trouble. But they're elderly and they've reached the point where they can't do it anymore; their own health problems need attention. I told them how grateful I am for all the help they've given up to this point, but I can't ask them to do any more.

So now I have sole responsibility for Alice. I hope I can handle it, because I know in my heart how much easier it would be if I had my Bill here to support me and help me talk and think through my fears for my sister and make the right decisions for her future.

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Oh, my God....I just know, know, know, where your mind is. I'm so sorry. I did another post titled something like I've got Fred and your bed. That tells you our current circumstances. These people that we love so much go through sooooo much! My Jack was so comforting to me through these times and he wasn't even Danny's father, but he loved him. You know, Kathy, it just seems like sometimes we need the Good Lord to just be with us because we're not with ourselves at all. I can just look out my garden window and just stare, not even thinking at all. I just get so tired, as I'm sure you do. Keep in touch on all this. I know it's never ending, but we have to stick together.

Your friend, Karen :wub:

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Karen and Kathy, my heart goes out to both of you. The sense of responsibility you feel for your son and sister is enormous, yet so much of this is beyond your control. You are in my thoughts and prayers . . .

You're probably already aware of NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) but I just wanted to be sure.

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