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it is not my intention to offend anyone or their religious beliefs. this is a catch 22 with an animal. i cant reveal a lot of information about this animal because it is no longer of this earth. a lot of you will not believe that when animals pass on they are sometimes ready to come back. This particular animal is ready to come back to the owner. the owner has requested permission to have another dog for their birthday so that this animal may return "home", which to the animal is to the owner. the owner however has not been given that permission because the family doesn't want the animal "replaced" by another. the owner is finacially unable to leave their current establishment at this time. In a few months this will be possible. if the animal decides to return in that time what is the owner to do? This owner desperately wishes to be with other people of like mind as theirself, And be with the beloved pet as well. What should the owner do until the time comes when they can be with people who are of the same belief as theirself? Unfortunately, the owner lives in a part of the country where beliefs other than strict moral character, and the idea that "once something is dead, its dead, and thats that" takes front and center stage. It may take longer than a few months for the owner to leave the current residence because they are on disability, not physical disablity. this owner wants nothing more than to be with the cherished animal, thats all, to be with their pet. what would you do? Please be kind in your response because the owner and pet are in a delicate situation. think real hard before replying; what would you do presented with this situation in your own life? huh.gifdry.gifwub.gif

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I am a little unsure as to what you are saying. I know you are talking about reincarnation. People hold religeous and spiritual beliefs that are quite different from each other, all religions are not the same. In the spirit of freedom of religion which in this country is part of our law , and in my opinion rightfully so, we should respect anyones right to believe whatever they choose. There are some organized religions as well as some spiritual beliefs that believe in reincarnation, it is as valid a belief as any other.

You seem to be raising two points. The person wanting to be with their reincarnated companion and the person wanting to be with people of like mind. Both of these of course are very heartfelt, deep and understandable desires.

I have questions I am unclear about what you are saying. Does the person have to be with people of like mind before they can get their animal? Is the persons family standing in the way because of their resistence to the reincarnation belief or just because they don't want a replacement. Could the person convince their family to get the animal while preparing to move out?

I can see that this is a painful situation, my wish is for the best outcome and for reuniting.

I wish you the very best.


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