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I had my cat Sophia for over 7 years. I first found her abandoned and starving in my apartment complex where I was living when I was 23. She was a white kitty with a little brown and black spot on her head by her ear and a matching spot at the end of her tail. She had an injury to her paw, so I decided to take her to the vet to get it fixed. After spending over $300 on her cast, her shots, her blood tests, etc., I decided to go ahead and keep her. I didn't have the intention of ever getting a cat, especially because I am allergic to them. But after spending a lot of money on her and letting her hang out in my apartment while her paw was healing, I decided to keep her.

I lived alone with Sophia for several years. I never had any allergic reactions to her. Looking back, I can't imagine how I would have lived alone without a companion animal to keep me company throughout most of my 20's. I felt like it was meant to be. I grew really attached to her and she was really attached to me. She always had to be doing what I was doing, or in the same vicinity as me. I wrote many school papers while she played with my pens and pencils and lounged all over my books and notebooks. She was also very vocal, and meowed a lot as well as had a lot of various trills and chirps she made in response to being looked at, caressed, talked to, etc. She had a pretty big personality.

I eventually got married and Sophia warmed up really fast to my husband, and he really grew attached to her too. So when Sophia was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, we were devastated. We were told she only had a month or maybe a few months to live, and we opted not to do any medication or chemo. We did decide to spoil her and give her tons of extra love and attention. We like to believe that all of our love and attention helped her to survive a full year after her diagnosis, as we believe she wasn't ready to leave us yet. She was happy.

Yesterday after waking up I came out into the living room and she didn't greet me, so I knew something was wrong. I ended up finding her dead in another room and of course broke down into tears. I'm pretty distraught over losing her and just wanted to share my story. No matter how sick your pet is, you are never prepared for the day he/she is finally gone. I am feeling shock and sadness, and have been crying a lot. I know I will eventually cope, but it is definitely painful and difficult getting through this initial shock of her loss. The thought that I have to learn to live without her is pretty depressing. She was really special to us and always will be. Pets provide us so much joy and happiness. Never regret loving and caring for a helpless animal that you know will not be there with you forever. Providing love and attention to these animals makes us better people and the world a better place. I'm telling myself that Sophia passed on first, and will be one of many people/animals waiting for me when it's my time to cross over to the life after this life. Thanks for reading this.

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Hello..i am sorry to hear of your loss!! i do understand ...i recently lost 2 of my dogs after my dad passed...in april.....Peewee was mine and my dad's sidekick....he was 17yrs old.. he was such a good dog!!! he was so old he lost his hearing....he could barely see.....he had knots that came up on him...but he wasnt in pain...he still ran and did things he loved to do...and loved on me!!! :) then there was gizmo...he was one of the puppies we had out of the litter of puppies from our moma chihuaha....he was the funny one...he always had his tongue hanging out....and ran in circles for no reason! lol oh i miss them two so much....but...i like to think they are with my daddy in heaven now!! and no longer in pain!!!!

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Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement. Pets are so very special and we are very lucky to each have our own unique connections with them throughout our lives. One day when I'm ready again, I hope to care for another special cat or dog who needs my unconditional love and attention.

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