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I think I dont know what to feel. Yesterday i got the mail,and there was an envelope from Western Tech collage where my husband was atending to get his degree in machine technicalogy, I thought what are they sending stuff for,they know hes gone, I opened the thing and it was an honorary diploma,in a nice case and it just made me cry.I know how bad he wanted it and how proud he was trying to get it,but part of me can hear him say I did'nt do it myself,but I am proud to get it on his behalf. He was 51 years old going to school withkids 20ish, but they all loved him and admired what he was doing. I also broke down and wrote some thank you notes to people, although it's been a crying kind of weekend I do feel a bit better. I am trying to move on, and it sucks worse then anything I can imagine,but I think Dale would be proud of me for giving it the old 'college try' What do you all think? Cheryl lee

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Hi, Cheryl

It has been a crying kind of weekend for me, too. I can only imagine how it made you feel to receive the honorary diploma for Dale. That was such a sweet gesture on the part of the college and I am sure I would have cried, too. Dale most certainly would be proud of you! I wish you strength in the days ahead.


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I think it's great that the college sent the diploma, it stands for all the effort he was putting in, and it shows faith in him, they knew he'd have gotten it all by himself if given half the chance. My husband was just 51 too when he passed away, and he also went to college with all the youngsters, and I was so proud of him for it. His hardest class was computers because he'd never used one and he was with kids who grew up on them, and I remember once they told him to download his test and he didn't have a clue what they were talking about because they hadn't covered "downloading" yet. It takes a lot of courage to go to college at that age with all the youngsters, you have good reason to be proud of him!

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