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Its A Sad Birthday For Me Today

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Hi everyone, I wasn't going to post today, didn't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself (alittle bit). Another birthday without Larry and this one has been terribly lonely. One friend sent an email but the house has been quiet and another coastal storm bearing down here at the beach.

I posted to share a story about Larry and a past birthday. This will cheer me up. When we had been dating awhile and my birthday was coming, some of my girlfriends were pressuring him trying to find out what he was getting me for my birthday. Well, he told them a "can opener". I did need a new can opener by the way. Anyway, my friends decided they should forwarn me so I wouldn't be dissapointed. Well my birthday came and he arrived with a beautiful cake that said Happy Birthday Deb (that's what he called me) and a gift. I opened the gift and lo and behold there was a shiny new can opener. I smiled and said thank you. Then he said lets cut the cake. Well I wasn't ready to eat cake but he kept insisting, go cut the cake!! Ok, so I went into the kitchen, opened the cabinet to get out a plate and there sat a ring box. I caught him peeking around the corner with this big grin on his face. I screamed and opened the box and am still wearing the most beautiful ring from a wonderful loving man. He was so proud of himself! Of course, the next day, I got to call my girlfriends and say I did get the can opener and I also got a Ring!!

Sorry for such a long story, but I LOVE the memories and today I really need them. Deborah :wub:

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Thats a wonderful story...its great memories like these of our loved ones we should cherish and will keep us going.

I remember my engagement ring story so well, to make it short my guy put alot of effort into making me a chinese dinner, when we finished it off with fortune cookies he had inserted a paper into mine saying "will you marry me"...a memory to cherish forever.

If it helps, keep sharing!

lots of love

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Deborah Happy Birthday! (((((Hugs)))))

What an absolute romantic & loving man your hubby was! What a way to propose! I can almost see him peeking around the corner to see your reaction.

What a guy!

And Carrie you too! He got it into a fortune cookie and cooked dinner?? Wow... :)

Yes, these wonderful memories warm my heart and I hope they always warm yours.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for sharing that story, it made me smile. :blush:

When George and I were friends, I remember telling him that he couldn't just fall for the first little waitress that came along, that he'd have to run her by me, and she'd have to be special. He would write to me and tell me that I was special, and it didn't click with me what he was saying until he finally came right out and told me! :lol: He had his eye on me all along, and I hadn't realized it...that it was as "more than friends"...

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