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It can be such a long proccess, healing from the loss of a partner. I've noticed that dreams can be very healing sometimes.

Kathy has appeared (or been mentioned) in my dreams several times recently. Once I woke up crying in frustration at the situation in hte dream. Once it was as if it was no big deal that she weas there, and the most recent time, though she wasn't present in the dream, I was voicing in my dream that I still love her.

Last night I dreamed that I was getting very re-involved with portrait photography; something that I used to do professionally. One of the strongest feelings I was aware of when I woke up was feeling more like "my old self". To me, this fells like a good thing.

I always hope for healing dreams. When they do occur It's a welcome occurrence.

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I find, too, that dreams can be healing. In the beginning it was all about processing what happened. Now, it's more like finding out what's going on - and what's possible. As I've posted here before, I had a dream a while back, and Joe was in a great place, with people who loved and protected him. Since then, the dreams are more about searching. I know it's our own minds that produce these dreams - but not all of them, of that I'm sure. I hope and pray it's a message from our loved ones, to us. Peace, Marsha

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Dear Mrcelloboy,

I have two children and we were just discussing this last night as they have both experienced their dad or our dog come to them in a dream. If it weren't for this forum, I would not have been able to talk about this with them with any sort of confidence. My daughter even "felt" her dad rush by her before she saw him. That we are able to identify our loved ones and receive comfort from them is, to me, a great and wonderful gift. It gives us reassurance that they are okay and not as far from us as it seems.

I am also excited that you are thinking of getting back into your photography. After 18 months, my creativity is once again flowing and leading me in directions I didn't have the courage to go in before. Because art is so personal, it feels so good to be able to find a purpose in my being here alone and channel that energy into something positive. I wish you all the best!


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