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Guest Nannsies

MillieEllen Winter1997-April 3,2003

Irving Spring 1992-June 6,2003

CousinHootie aka BuggBoo June 1992- July 2,2003

JAC(Just A Cat) Spring 2000-July 11,2003

Four of my beloved kitties have died so far this year.

First was my little calico girl, MillieEllen.

She was my little Chief of the Kitty Police.

She kept order whenever there was an outbreak of fighting.

She even kept the much bigger male kitties in order. She would jump into the fight and they would break it up. I depended on that feisty little thing to keep the peace and she did.

The second to go was the mean old Irving the Horrible. I loved Irving as much as I could. He was so mean that I called him my fighter and biter. He always fought with the other male cats so he had to live most of his life in a cage. Every time he got out he got in a fight and some poor kitty got hurt and one time he almost killed one of the other kitties. I did love Irving and I wish I could have given him a better life. I will alway regret that I could not do that for him. Well, he is at peace now and free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Cousin Hootie will be sadly missed too. He was my funny little clown faced kitty. Well, actually he looked like an owl in the face. It was his markings. He was a black and white tuxedo kitty and he had a white marking on his upper lip that made him look like he had a beak. His real given name was BuggBoo because he had these huge eyes that "bugged" out. He looked like he had a surprised look on his face all the time. He was a little trouble maker too and had to be in a cage sometime too. I sometimes wondered if he had a bipolar disease or something because he could be the sweetest and most loving cat one minute and turn into this beast the next. He was never aggressive towards people...just his fellow cats. I will miss my little clown faced kitty but I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge too. I hope him and Irving are getting along as they never did here on Earth.

JAC...my little "just a cat" boy is a tragic story. JAC was only 3 years old when he was struck down by a car. His injuries were not life threatening but they were so severe that euthanasia was the only humane thing for him. He had extensive nerve damage which would have involved amutation and total loss of any control of his bowels and bladder. I couldn't make him live with those kinds of disabilities. I hated to say goodbye to him as he was so young and so sweet and so beautiful. He was semi feral and he lived outside. I worry every night and day for my outside kitties. JAC was my friend but some of the others are not. They are completely feral. I could pet JAC and hold JAC and he even came in my house once but was too afraid and ran right back outside.I miss JAC...and CousinHootie, Irving, and MillieEllen.

Thanks for listening.

Goodbye MillieEllen, Irving, CousinHootie, and JAC. Have fun running through the Cosmos. Don't forget me. I will see you again someday. I love all of you.


"To everything there is a season....

And a time to every purpose under Heaven"

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