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Goodbye Sweet


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I couldn’t believe the news I got today

You had to leave us behind

You said your time had come

The sorrow in you eyes described how you felt

The tears in my eyes told you how I felt

There were so many things I wanted you to know

But it all ended with me bursting into tears

I couldn’t do anything else than hold you close to me

I didn’t want to say my goodbyes yet

It was too early

You were still so young

Your warmth embraced me like a protecting shield

Telling me that everything would be okay

But how could it be okay

How could everything work out fine if you had to leave me?

You looked at me one last time

I thought I could see a little smile in your face

I could see that the time had came

Your eyes closed

They would never open again

Goodbye my sweet…

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Hi Sis,

How are you doing, I am doing a little better now... I wanted to write this post to tell you that you are such a great writer... I just love really your peoms.... They seem to set the scene for what we are feeling.... Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.... Take care Shelley

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