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Like a twinkling star your eyes light up the

Endless and black sky

Like a Rainbow with it’s beautiful colours

Your smile makes this a more beautiful place to be

How can it be that something as sparkling and bright as you

Just in one day could turn my world dark and grey

You were born to amuse and inspire others around you

Born to make people around you to laugh

God made you so that the world could see

The true beauty of life

You gave me so much joy in this life

I will always be grateful for all that you gave me

For the strength and for always being there for me

You touched my heart in a way that no one ever has

I was blessed having you here with me

Sometimes I wonder if you still would remember me

If I saw you in Heaven

Would you still smile at me

Embrace me with your strong warm arms

Hold me and comfort me

Would you whisper sweet words in my ears

Tell me that I am the only one

Would you kiss my tears away

Would you take me in your arms and hold me

Until I fell asleep

So many things on my mind that

I want you to know

Can you hear me my love

Can you hear this prayer

My desperation

My pain

These words that I wrote for you…

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Hi Sis,

Thank you so very much for sharing such a beautiful, beautiful prayer... I really, really enjoyed reading it and I know that others will also... It is so very nice when people share prayers and peoms with us, It is a beautiful way to remember our loved ones... Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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