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Hi All,

This might sound crazy, but from the first funeral that I have gone to till the present I have bought a stuff animal for each funeral I have gone to... The animal represents something familar to me that reminds me of the person that has died... Like I bought a dog that is really furry looking to represent a dog that was my mom's named candy, and for each person I have managed to come up with an animal... I know I will probably have no room but will try to keep each one of them somewhere safe... Down the road if I need to I can donate them to a place who would love them I bet... Take care Shelley

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That sounds like a great idea!

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Hey KayC,

I do it at the beginning of the grief and than as the person enters my memories more and less pain of grief happens I will donate the animal to some place like Children's wish or some other place that can put them to good use... I do keep any of the animals that I have when family members die but for others I will give them away as away of saying good bye to them.... Shelley

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