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About 6 weeks ago my wife and daughter, and I moved into the house once owned by my sister and her husband. She died some 3 years ago (Nov. 12) and my brother in law died this past January. The house was willed to me. It is a beautiful house. This past Nov 12 I got hit hard with my Sisters anniversary. Alot of memories come back now that I am living in the house. It dawned on me that I was always taking care of everyone else and never grieved her death to the point of resolution. I have done alot of work in the grief area, but somehow this is different. She was the oldest in my family of origin and I the youngest. However, she was closer to me and I her. When she died so went my friend the one that really understood me and with whom I could tell almopst everything to. Since she was 15 years older than I she was also like a mom to me as well. The anniversary grief was/is intense. I have been journalling, talking to a good friend, and working in the yard. Thanksgiving we had my wife's family over and it brought back memories of the Thanksgivings I spent here with my sister. Has anyone had a similar reaction....?

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