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Hi everyone,

I was after parents who would agree to share their birth plans/ or what they would have liked as birth plan (if delivered a child known as stillborn or with a condition)

If you agree, email me your birth plan, why you felt those specific things were important, and advice for any other parents going through the same thing.

Also I have lost all my data and therefore I am looking for people willing to submit their email addresses for research purposes.

feel free to contact me at s-azri@myoffice.net.au

Take good care, stephanie

Families Forever

Fatal diagnosis and child loss support group


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Hi wendy,

I am trying to give parents that will deliver a child that has died or will die, examples of birth plans they could give the doctors.

for instance, they are so overwhelmed that they may not know or think about important things for them and knowing of other's experience may help.

For example, let's say that in your birth plan you felt important to have no doctors in the room after the birth could make another couple think, "oh yes that's what we want" etc....

I am after testimonies of what was or would have been important to you. This question applies to people that KNEW their child had or would die.

Hope to hear form you.


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