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Lost My Beloved Slick 10/7/2004


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I have lost my dearest companion of nine years , my big beautiful black cat, Slick. He was always with me when I was home. Everystep I took so did he. I am lost without him even though his sister is still with me. She has quit eating and I am having to hand feed her. I cry myself to sleep every night. My family thinks I taking this way to seriously - I have diabetes and they think I am making my self sick deliberately. I can't help the loss hurts so bad - nothing is helping. The pain is so devastating.

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Hi. I'm so sorry that you lost slick. I know what you're going through.

This is actually my first post here. I hope you come back to see it. Sometimes we just need to express how we feel. I know that.

I'll probably be posting about my Tara tomorrow. Tonight I'm very sleepy, but someone told me about this board, so I came tonight to register.

I'm told the pain eases with time, but mine is so new.



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