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--by Sandy, May 2009


Instead of taking your baby to the park

I will rake winter debris

And plant flowers

And say your name at least ten times.

Rather than feed you lunch

Or converse with your wife,

I will listen for your whisper

And dig for dimes

And hug my friends who know exactly

Why I am here.

Instead of watching you

Wrestle with your brother

Or throw sticks for your dog

I will sweep dirt from

The Jason’s Park stone

And wash bird feces off

Your brick

And maybe see a dragonfly that surely flies for you.

Much has changed

From what it might have been.

But one phenomenon remains

Burning Constant,

Never wavering,

Always intense.

One single whoosh

One stream of energy

Nothing but love

. . . all that is


© 2009 by Sandy Goodman, bereaved mother and author, Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love


Reprinted with permission of the author

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