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Hugs From Heaven

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The day my mom passed away, I was feeling really blue, so I decided to log on to my computer, just for something to do.

Well much to my suprize this poem appeared right before my eyes.

I can not explain it I still do not know why, except that mommy did not want me to cry.

This poem has really helped me get through some tough times, so I would like to share it with all of you. Well who knows it might help you too.

Hugs From Heaven

When you feel a gentle breeze caress you when you sigh, it's a hug sent down from heaven from a loved one way up high.

If a soft & tender raindrop falls upon your nose, It's an angel kiss as fragile as a rose.

If a song you hear fills you with sweet love, it's a hug sent down from heaven from someone special up above.

If you awaken in the morning to a blue birds chirping song, it's music sent from heaven to cheer you all day long.

If a tiny little snowflake lands upon your face, it's a hug sent down from heaven all trimmed with angel lace.

So keep the joy in your heart if you're lonley my dear friend, for hugs sent down from heaven a broken heart will mend.

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