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[i am new here. My Bichon Frise past away the other day. He died at home as I rocked him til his last breath. He had congestive heart failure. My family was to put him down a month ago but with increased meds he got better and I soully did that for 33 more days. The nite that he was dying he looked different restless and having trouble breathing my hubby and i thought that he was only having a bad nite. But I knew it was time. I stayed up with him he did not sit or lye down all nite. I forced him to lye with me or only minutes at a time he found it to hard to breath. We were up all nite. At 530 am I was lying in bed and he ran to me he tried to climb up on the bed and didn't make it. He tried again and collapsed and let out this awful yelp. I picked him up and his breathing wasn't so labored as the whole nite I wrapped him up in his favorite blanket and called my husband and told him he was slipping away. He woke my daughter she is 8 and we all sat on the bed kissing hugging talking and crying rocking him til he was no more. I am so torn up inside I try to hide my pain from my daughter as she is cheering me up. My hubby is a mess and we did not think that we would be like this. We always thought he would be with us. I miss him so.. Any help or support would be appreciated. norma

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Our 16 year old cat Buddy died this morning in much the same way as Kass did. While both of us loved him, my husband seems to be more emotionally devastated and goes through fits of crying and blaming himself for not being able to save him.

He usually never cries but he can't seem to get a good handle on his motions-- and I think he probably needs to grieve this way.

My husband grew up loving dogs and disliking cats until he took in a stray kitten 16 years ago. He formed a wonderful bond with Buddy and I haven't been able to find sufficient words to comfort him. Anyway, your words touched my heart. I know we all need to go through this grieving process but it's difficult to not have your companion with you anymore-- we look in the spaces where he should be at this time of night-- and the sadness and despair are overwhelming. I know you and your family will make it through this and all my prayers and best wishes are with you.


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Norma and Hannah:

I was touched by your posts and your very sad recent loss. It has been nearly three years since I lost my precious Pippi, my cat. She was 19.

I'm sure that you have both read or heard of the Rainbow Bridge, in "Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul" ?

Your precious ones will be awaiting you there. I am glad to find this board where others understand how very real the pain is; how is is NOT "just a dog" or "just a cat".... TSK!! I actually feel sorry for people who say that... what tremendous unconditional love they miss out on ...

Best wishes and peace to both of you.....

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