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I just received this newsletter today & thought I'd share it with anyone who's interested in learning all about at-home hospice/palliative care for animals. Ella has been doing some marvelous work, trying to teach as many people as possible about these options, including but certainly not limited to, natural passings for our beloved ones, where possible. You can share this newsletter widely, including with any vets you think may be interested in adding this type of work to their practice. There's a wide call for it nowadays.


It already feels like summer where we roam even before Solstice has arrived, and our days are brim full with activities centered around bringing options in end-of-life care for our animal companions to the forefront of public awareness.

Our weekend seminar in Seattle, WA is coming up quickly, June 19-22, 2009, if you would like to join us there, we still do have some space available. Sign up online at http://www.spiritsintransition.org/calendar.htm or call Bunny at (805) 598 6496.

If this is too short notice for you, the next one takes place July 31-Aug.7, at BrightHaven, http://www.brighthaven.org/ a residential animal sanctuary in California where over the last twenty years many animals have been allowed to pass in their own good time, supported in the most loving and knowledgeable way by Gail and Richard Pope and their many helpers.

We are excited to announce that end of July we will start releasing the first online classes. This will happen in two parts (Level 1 and 2), ten sessions each. Both last sessions are a webinar, so questions can be asked live. About two sessions will be released every month. The beauty of the online classes is that everyone can go at their individual pace, and without having to travel.

The weekend seminars will still be the fastest way to receive a lot of information in a very compact form, and contains what previous participants treasure as the "Cassie movie", a one-hour documentation of the last 48 hours of life of a darling chocolate labrador lady who shares with us that dying in ones' own good time is nothing to be feared. Be aware, due to Ella's other speaking commitments besides her practice, there will only be one more seminar after the ones mentioned above, in Los Angeles in December.

We would also be thrilled to see you Labor day weekend at the second International Symposium on Veterinary

Hospice Care, which will take place at UC Davis, Ca. Pencil in the date!

Another exciting piece of news is that a non-profit organization is coming into being, called the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, http://www.iaahpc.org/ . Everyone with interest can become a member and take part in forming what this organization will be all about!

And just to top it off, Ella wants to share her happiness with all of you- she got married this spring! If you would like to take a peak of who the "lucky one" is, and additional info on the Symposium, the IAAHPC and other topics, click below to enjoy our spring newsletter!


Feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested!

Yours in the passion for animal hospice,

Ella and Bunny

If you.....would like to be added to our mailing list,

please let us know at spiritsintransition@verizon.net

SPIRITS in Transition


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