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I just found this place and I have read your stories. I am not alone. You see I lost my John on Nov. 18/04: I found him and I tried to bring him back and so did the ambulance but it didn't help. He was only 38. I truely believe he was my soulmate, my other half. I know my heart will only love him and I am ok with that, but it sure is hard. I miss him so very much.

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gbee817; i've learned that every1 here seems to go thru the same stages: some take longer and some go down different paths. All I know is that I have to keep myself very very busy...if I slow down, I think and then I get sad. Weekends are the worse but we are now packing up everything and so it keeps me and the children busy and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. My children are my world now and I thank the Lord for them every day! I'm going to survive and carry on for them and for me; John wouldn't want me to quit. There are days I don't want to move but I make myself because I am still living and there is a reason I am here and one day I will be an old woman and it will be my turn and I will finally be with John again. I have great faith in God and this helps more than you can imagine.

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