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Permission To Mourn This Holiday Season


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The following is a gift from Harold Ivan Smith, noted writer, teacher, storyteller and grief expert. It is reprinted here with his permission. Especially over the holidays, you may wish to print it, fill it in and share it with anyone who needs help in understanding and accepting where you are at this point in your grief journey.

Permission to Mourn

The holder of this certificate,


is hereby entitled

to publicly acknowledge his or her loss, mourn openly,

to share narratives of the loss,

and to recruit social support in his or her own way and time,

without apology or embarrassment

during this holiday season.

Tears, memories, silence, uncertainty,

and strong emotions are hereby enfranchised.

Please treat this griever with kindness, compassion, and love.

Signed this _____ day of __________, in the year _____.

This certification has no expiration date.

© 2004 by Harold Ivan Smith, and reprinted with his permission.

Mail to: friendgrief@mindspring.com.

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