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I Lost Not Only My Big Brother, But My Best Friend

Guest Meagan

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Last month, on october 29th, i lost not only my big brother, but my best friend... my brother christopher died all of a sudden.. he got sick early october he was sick all that month he wa sin and out of the hospitol finally he was in the hospitol for the last 2 weeks of october the doctors coudl not figure out what he had finally they thoguht he had a type of cancer on october 27 he started khimo therapy and on october 29 he died the doctors still dont know what went wrong now they think something else might have been wrong i am completly heart broken everyone in my family is now i only have my older borther pat who is 24 christopher was 19 when he died and his birthday was a week after so now he is 20 i dont know how to go on living for my 13 years of life christopher and I did everything together he was my best friend he was in school, had a job, and girlfriend who he was going to marry everyone in ym family is heart broken i am so lost i lost a very important part of my life my entire life i wanted to be like my brother, and be as good as guitar as him and be as funny as him and now hes gone but i have been playing guitar and it mkaes me feel better but its not enough someone please help me!! sad.gif

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Guest Guest_jewells


First and foremost may God Bless you and your entire Family.

I too lost my older Brother this Summer & I miss and ache for him every day!

I want you to know that Christopher is still with you and you can talk to him and carry him in your heart for the rest of your life.

If you believe in Heaven you will find comfort in the fact that God had bigger plans for him and when our life on earth is finished we will both be reunited with our brothers and find out why their life was so short here on earth.

"However that won't keep us from wanting more time with our Brothers and questioning why?"

I think it's really great that you're playing the Guitar & I hope it will make you feel close to your brother.

I would suggest that you contact your Church if you attend one and ask for support from your parish as well as join a Organization trained to help you with the passing of your brother.

All the emotions that you're feeling are completely normal it's part of the grief process it will be like a Rollar Coaster ride with the highs and lows.

I tell everyone that loses someone it's like we're in a Club now the one no one wants to be in and the only way you get there is by losing someone.

I'm sorry that at such a young age you're dealing with so much.

Christopher will hope in time you will smile and remember the time you shared with him and he will try to help your ailing heart heal, he would want you to live your life for the both of you!

I wish I had a magic potion for you unforunately time will be it.

Cry the tears for your brother don't hold them in I was told that tears from grief are toxins in our body & that we need to release them.

I hope I was a little help.

I will pray for you I understand about you missing your brother cherish your other siblings more then ever now.

Perhaps ask for a locket on a chain for Christmas and put a picture of your brother and wear it around your neck close to your heart.

I wear a yellow Live Strong bracelet........ now only found on e-bay as a memorial for my brother and plan on wearing it till it falls off my wrist.

Take care of yourself and find someone that is a good listener and understands and be gentle with yourself it will take some time however I promise there will be a rainbow again one colored just for you by your brother Christopher.

Jewells :-)

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thankyou so much for your reply.. it was a big help and i am very sorry for your older brother also. I bought a real livestrong braclet, and I am also going to wear it on my wrist until it falls of. the idea about the locket is a really good idea also. Right now everyday i wear this necklace that has my brothers guitar pic on it. I also have playing guitar so much, it makes me feel very happy. I have days that are good and bad. I have very supportive people in my life who make me feel great. Like all my friends at school help me so much, and i am a very social person so I have many friends and they help alot. My family also helps me alot. Sometimes though, I feel like I have no one when im at home. My step brother and step sisster live with me, but i dont like them, and my real brother Patrick has his own life and he lives in philidelphia, he does come on the weekends, but still its just not the same. I saw christopher everyday. He would always be sitting on the couch watching tv with his girlfriend after they came home from work ( they worked at the same place) Yes, this is a terriable thing, but I am suprisingly lucky that i ahve so much support and so many good people in my life. Some people dont have anyone once they loose someone, life must be hard for them. Well Im going to wrap this up, I have to go to counsling right now. Thank you so much for your help. If anyone else has any other things to say that might help me, please do.. It will make me smile smile.gif

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