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Not A Good Day

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sad.gif Not a good today at all... Hurting so bad inside and feeling so alone.... Trying to get through the holidays and progress with the move back home to Florida. I move 2 steps forward and I get knocked 5 steps back... I always tell myself if I didnt have bad luck I wouldnt have any luck at all... I guess it hard times like these I miss my mom more she was always there giving me good advice on what to do next and just always let me know she believes in me.. I am having such a hard time because I dont believe in myself..Holidays seem so hard. I promised myself I will take my daughters to see Poler Express this weekend reguardless how down in the dumps I am.. Maybe it will get me into the christmas spirit alittle bit more!! My oldest and I seem to have our bad days together... She always tells me lets stay in bed today mommy. I am coming to my final days at my job before I leave there for good.. I will be about a month of time alone with my girls and I hope to get my life back on track and get a straight mind.. SO what are we to do on these blah days
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I hope you're having a better time now. Know that your mom still believes in you. She knows you will do the right thing. Your girls sound wonderful. Enjoy the time with them. Talk with them about missing your mom. I'll bet they miss her, too, if they knew her. You guys can snuggle up and read a book, make cookies, bundle up and go on a walk (you won't need to bundle in Florida, though!). Maybe you can pass on some things that your mom taught you. Perhaps some day you should stay in bed. You can eat picnics on the comforter and tell silly stories, maybe even cry. Wishing you luck in your upcoming move.

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