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Ebony Is Getting A Little Brother. I Wish She Was Here To Meet Him.


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Since Ebony died three weeks ago, it has been quiet and lonely around here. Not only do we miss her, we miss having a dog in general. When we found an ad for a nine-month-old rescue dog who needed a home, we decided to look into it.

Compared to our 30 pound Ebony, this guy is huge! He's already over 60 pounds and he's still growing! His original owners did very little with him. He is housebroken but knows nothing else. He's kind of wild and out of control. That probably has to do with the fact that he was either crated or tied out almost all the time. His first few weeks here will be filled with doggy school!

Depot (In honor of my husband's railroad obsession!--we renamed him from Milo) is a Cannardly. You know, a Cannardly--you can hardly tell what he is! They say greyhound/shepherd but i don't think that's all. He has long, long legs; huge feet; a skinny tail; and his face is slightly narrow--greyhound features. Shepherd features? Maybe his widow's peak... Then what do we do with his long hound looking ears and his brow wrinkles? Some type of hound, too? And his webbed toes indicate some kind of water dog. He really is a Cannardly!

I sometimes feel guilty for getting a dog this soon. I don't want to betray Ebony at all. I still love her. I'll always love her. I miss her terribly. After three weeks, i still have moments of panic wondering where she is and what mischief she is committing. Then there is the letdown when i remember that she is gone. Nearly every time i come home, i pull into the driveway and have a moment of excitement when i think about walking in the door and having her get so excited that i am home. Then i remember she isn't here. My heart hurts.

I know that Depot won't replace the Ebster. There is no way. I doubt that he will be as smart as Eb was because she was the smartest dog i have ever known. But i think that Depot will quickly work his way into our hearts next to her. He is cute and loves to be petted. He hasn't figured out that he isn't a tiny little guy yet so it is funny to watch him try to manuever around things! His paws flop around and his ears flop right with them!

I do feel better than i have felt since Ebony died. Knowing that Depot is coming tomorrow gives me something to look forward to. I'm sure that training him will help keep my mind off of how very much i miss Ebby. She was such a good girl and a wonderful friend. I hope that Depot will quickly feel at home and bond with our family. If i can't have Ebony back (which would be my first choice), then i want another dog who can become as special and important as she was.


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Ebsmom, I applaud your decision to open your heart and your home to another dog who deserves to be loved and wanted and cherished for himself. You think the way my own father did (see the second article I've listed, below). Like everything else in grief, deciding when and whether to bring another animal companion into your home is very much an individual decision, and no one knows your heart better than you do. I thought you might be interested in these two articles about this very subject:

How Long Should You Wait to Replace a Pet Who Has Died? http://www.selfhealingexpressions.com/pet_...rief_help.shtml

Memorializing a Cherished Pet, http://www.selfhealingexpressions.com/dog_loss_poems.shtml

Also, would you be willing to post a picture of your new boy? Your description of Depot is wonderful, but now I'm really curious to see what he looks like!

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Ebsmom I know exactly how you feel. Holly died June 11th and my new little fellow came in to my life July 10th (rady or not) You can see a picture of him under the thread, Finally a little joy. I have had the best 2 weeks in 18 mos and it is all because of him. He will never replace Tom or Holly but at least he's giving me a little joy.

Enjoy your "little" Depot.

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I know what you mean about the coming home thing. It has been a week, and i still get upset every time I pull in the driveway and for a brief moment get excited to see him at the door. Then it hits me all over again that he will notbe there ever again and i cry. I feel silly, but I ache to see that happy face and wild little paws dancing around with glee just because I returned home. I continue to return home each and every time, but the dancing has ended. I am sad.

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