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My Twin Daughter Was Killed In A Freak Accident

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i hope you are ok and that you can tell me about your loss and about

yourself my name is Rebecca,i lost my twin daughter Emily on 13th

March 2002 in a freak accident Emily was a wonderful young lady she

saw the good in everyone and would do anything to help others which

was the cause of her death, the school was low on cash and organised

a sponsered spell and the kids were asked to collect sponsers and

help raise money to buy the mini bus for the school to use to take

the yr8s on camp, even though Emily wasnt going to camp she wanted to

help,her twin sister Hanna was and is totally differant she wouldnt

do it as she wasnt going on the camp so why raise money the school

should have enough money in there funds,but Emily didnt see it like

that she wanted to help,so on that night she went in the bath after

her tea and asked if she could go across the road to the local shop

to ask them to sponser her at first i said no but she got really

upset and i relented so she got her shoes on and the last thing i

said was mind the road,she said i will mum,she had crossed the road

thousands of times!!!her older brother samuel was outside chatting to

friends,Emily came out of the shop and started to cross the road when

sam noticed a glistenning helmet of a cyclist and shouted to emily

she stopped turn to tell sam to get losst as she though he was having

her on when the young man collided with her,the next thing that

happened was Sam was banging like crazy on my lounge window saying

mum come quick i went to the window and saw Emily lying in the road

twitching like she was having a fit,i froze!!!!!!i though she had

been ran down by a car i ran the ambulance and they asked all the

relevant questions i answered as you do,then i remember going out to

her but not being able to get down beside her i had froze why i dont

know she wasnt moving but breathing,no blood no marks nothing,then

someone said she will be ok it was only a pedal cycle that had hit

her,but i knew differant i knew in my heart she wasnt going to make

it,the ambulance to 25 mins to get to her they put her in the

ambulance i went with them but had to sit in the front they wouldnt

allow me in the back,when we arrived at the hospital i heard the

beeeeeeep of the heart machine so i knew but they took her into

resuss and gave us a comfy room with sofas in ect..a porter even

brought us tea and coffee so i knew in England you dont get this

treatment unless its a life or death situation,then at 20;20pm she

was pronounced dead.......sorry i cant write anymore right now will

continue another time

love to you

love becky xxxxxxxxx http://www.Thetalkshop.org

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