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Its been two months and four days since her death. She had been diagnosed with Cushing's last April, it slowly progressed until Nov 15 she had a terrible siezure and for the rest of the week struggled with the diabetes. I am a dietician and there was nithing I could do but spend money...and still it was not enough. On the 20th I made the decision to send her to heaven... I still ache with greif daily. I moved to a new city and I feel like I have abandoned her. I can't bring myself to unpack my things because she is not here. We had a great life together, walks in the park, picnics in the park and rides in the car she gave me strength to go on when there was no one else in my life. She was so spoiled and we had great non-verbal communication, I knew what each look was and what every sound meant. She had a very ellitest personality, not playing with other dogs, wanting only my undivided attention. I loved catering to her, she was my child and there was nothing that I wouldn't do for her. I hurt so much and even though it has been only 2 months, can see no end to my grief. She was so perfect and one of the best spirits to come in my life.

Maxine's mom

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