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Guest Gamer205

I lost my good friend on May 31st 2004 in a tragic car accident We had just talked the day before I had called him to warn him about the Tornado Watches we had in our area and he told me he would call me back that evening but he did not earler in the day he had ask me if I wanted to go with him the next day on a little get to gather him and his family was doing and I told him I would like to but could not but he understood he always used to call me back but this time was diffrent

The Next day I had tryed calling him all day and unto the evening but still did not get him I thought something was off but I never dremed I would be geting the news I would be hereing the next day

The next day I had got up and went out to my local Video game store to buy a game my friend had been on me and on me to buy it was his favorite game and being as close friends as we were I bought it I wanted the game as well so I got it and tryed to call him and still no answer

I kelpt on trying to call his house and I finaley got a answer and oh I'll never forget this his Aunt picks up the phone and I aked to talk to him and She Said I'm Sorry but Jason Died yesterday and his mom is in the hospital I was so shocked,

Me and my Friend Jason Did everything togther I knowed him for over 10 years and its just not the same I got him into pro wrestling and into gameing and its just not the same

my biggest regrat is just like friends do from time to time is fight over whats better and not agree on things sometimes We used to fight over what video game system was better the Playstation 2 or the Xbox I owned a Xbox and he had a PS2 and I feel so bad now because it was just stupid looking back and I never ment any thing by or diffrences

I liked the Xbox becaused it could Save with out the need of memory cards and how you could store music to it but I wished I had never started the "whats better" thing

I miss my friend so much its been hard him not calling any more and talking about wrestling and gameing and this May will make a year that he has been gone I wish I could have told him how much he was of a friend to me and how even tho I did not agree all the time I still thought he was the best,

Also May is going to be a big year in Gameing he loved gameing me and him was keeping track of the next wave of video game manchines were comming out at E3 this year the Big Video Game Devolpers Confrence it is Expected that they will Show for the first time the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 2 he would have really loved this he was wanting to get him a playstation3

E3 starts May 18th threw the 24th I think its in LA and he used to keep track right with me about E3 we would love all the new gameing news it was our favorite time of the year well it and Christmas

Things will never be the same

sorry if I rambled a lot its just its so hard to get over it I've had a lot of hard months and his mom is now liveing by her self he was her only Kid she had and I was one of his best friends its hard to call his mom because I worry about makeing her sad sometimes or what to say or how she is doing,

Anyway just thought I would post this is my first post here.

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