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I Miss My Mom

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My mom passed away four months ago and I just can't come to grips with it! We did everything together and the fact that she was so young. It doesn't make any sense. She passed away at 37 years old, 5 weeks before my first child was born. It's just so unfair. We had so many plans. She was in the middle of nitting a blanet which she has never really done before.

She was my best friend. We were on our own from the time that i was sixteen until we moved in (seperatley) with each of our new boyfreinds. I got married April of 01, and she got married in May four months before she passed away. It's just so unfair. She always said, "when is life ever fair" but I never thought it could go to this degree. My mom and I are only 15 years apart so i figured we had quite a few years ahead of us. We even planned on being in the sam seniors home together chasing each other around with our canes and walkers. She was everything. She knew what i needed before i did, and she knew how to fix things even if I didn't know they were broken. i need her now to help me through this. I've always had her, even at the worst of times when i sometimes felt like the mother. I always new when i gave up she'd take her spot back. I had already grown up a bit, but when I was around her I could still be the kid. I didn't have to be the responsible one all the time. I could kick in my two sense and then leave it for her. And who am I supposed to confide in? I tol her everything. I have no one in my life that i could talk to about everything. My husband has been amazing, don't get me wrong, but what if I need to vent about him? See, she really was my best freind, and best freinds are hard to find! Now I'm lost, i don't know what to do! I'm not technically alone, but it sure feels like it some day. If anyone has any advice, please, just to know that i'm not alone in this struggle is nice sometimes. sad.gif

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