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My cat died a few weeks ago on Friday morning. she was with me since I was three years old (I just turned 20) so I have had her my entire life basiclly. We knew she was pretty bad from last year while I was staying away at school she needed a surgery and my parents decided that would just cause her more pain and were not willing to put up the money and technically it is there cat. So I knew that she could go anytime and that contributed to my decision to commute to one of the instate schools. I knew how much she meant to be and I knew how guilty I would feel if she died if when I was away.

A lot of people seem to feel very guilty and I don't really feel guilty but I do feel very sad. Ever since she has been gone I have not been able to get over being sad. I was the one who found her and I have cried at least once a day ever since and no one seems to really understand. My mother is ready to send my to a therapist and put me on antidepressents and everyone blames it on my schedule and I try to see it this way but honestly although I have a stressful life it is the loss of my Smokey that makes it so hard. Not that I didn't have human best friends but she was my best friend really. I just can't deal with the fact that she is gone. I wanted to get another animal after she died because my schedule is different then my parents and I have a lot even when I am home with homework so I get very lonely with out my cat and it compounds the issue but they don't want another one which I understand and not that anything would ever replace my Smokey but I am so lonely and no one really seems to be able to make me feel better. I can tell people are getting frustrated with me but I don't know... Is it normal to be so upset after the loss of a cat and at the same time want to get another pet to have any sort of comfort and not to be able to find that comfort in the humans around you. I mean I know some of the rest miss her too but I feel like it is not the same for them and they don't seem to be as upset as I am. I just really don't know what to do without her I have loved her all my life and that is what I want to keep doing is loving her and stuff but I know I need to go on with my life emotionally speaking and I need to stop crying every night but right now I really don't know how to

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I am trying to reply to is this normal. I hope I get this to you. I am terrible with a computer by I am trying. Mostly because I am feeling the saddness that you speak of also. My little Mandy died on her 13th Birthday February 24th. She was very ill but I thought she would get better has she had done in the past. She was a miniuture schnauzer.

I had her mom so I watched Mandy being born. I cry everyday also. I think we are normal. We are in the grieving process. I hope today was a better day for you. Karen rolleyes.gif

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