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My Radio Station Stands Strong For Marriage


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I listen to a Christian radio station and they have been promoting a marriage conference. It is for anyone in a loving relationship because, as they state, God's plan for us is to be in a committed marriage and not enough marriages in our society "make it to the last day." They go on to talk about the joys in loving someone... I love the music on this station, but the news of this conference sends me to the pits every time I hear about it. We were the fortunate few to see our marriages to the last day. There really is no joy in that although for a while it was comforting to me to know that we (Bob and I) made it. I wish I could call on him for dates. We would love to go to this conference together and celebrate the love that flowed from our relationship. So, if it was God's plan that we be wed until death, what am I supposed to do for the next 50 years?

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Oh Kath, you and me both! I probably would have called in and told them not everyone chooses to end their marriage...some get that choice made for them. It is painful, whether by death or divorce, and I've experienced both. How we wish we could still have that loving relationship to share all of life together! I've no answer about the next 50 years except it's only 40 for me... ^_^

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It seems so trivial, I know, to let a promotion get to me, but I think it has passed. I chose to stay home from work on Tuesday because I could not deal with one more demand on me. So, I finally was able to pack up Christmas. It was much harder doing it with the kids away. I saw each piece that we had collected over the years and saw my past and my future come to a screaching halt. So, I called a friend who lost her husband last year. And guess what? She announced she had met a friend and they go out for coffee and dinners. (She's 70 and says he's really old, but the conversation is so good for her.)

Her recommendation, spend more time at the cemetery, because that's where they met. I thought that was so cute. Here she is encouraging me to get out and meet new people at the cemetery! I told her I was there alone one night when some running guy came up behind me, nearly sending me to my plot next to Bob. I glanced away for a split second and he was gone. At the time I was thinking I should stay away from there so as not to be caught alone like that again. She has me re-thinking that whole vulnerability thing.

The guys at work were kind of at a loss when I didn't come in (which I also think is cute.) They didn't even unlock the front doors! I didn't give them a lot of info, just was pretty quiet and prone to easy tears. One brought me soup and a plant at lunch. Another scraped the snow off my car and taped up the tail light I broke. It made me really appreciate the care and concern from these people. There are so many times I feel entirely alone in this world, wanting nothing more than my best friend back beside me. Then these thoughtful things happen that make me realize that I really am not alone after all. There is comfort and care all around me.

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