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rolleyes.gif I've been searching for a forum like this since last November. My daughter lost her best friend, sudenly, from an athsma attack. I had found a great deal of comfort writting to, and reading from, a forum like this, after my father passed away. I wanted her to have a place where she could talk to others who were in the same situation. After reading the posts to her friends guest book on legacy.com, I realized how much pain all of the other kids in her school were in. I had given up hope of finding anything for them. Yestarday, my nephew lost 2 of his friends in an auto accident. Another high school full of kids are in need of a place to talk out their feelings. I had decided to look one more time. I'm so glad I found you! I will pass the address along to my daughter and nephew. Hopefully they will pass it along to there friends. Then I will leave you all alone to talk to each other. Thanks for being here.
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