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Well, I took you both for granted for so long and just assumed you would always be there for me, because, well, its about me, right? You always put everybody before yourselves. I only hope you know that even when I was a brat (which was often) I loved you both so much, and still carry you in my heart everyday.

I can not make it up to you but I have started a business in your honor (www.whisperingwingschimes.com) and hope that others find some peace from it, as you were always trying to make others feel better.

I wrote the following poem was in your honor and the premise of the business. Both of you always loved the simple things and beautiful sounds. The wind chime I have created for you. Each time I hear the sound of a wind chime, I think of you close by, making that just for me, cause, well, its all about me.... :wub:

" I will always be with you

though your eyes may not see

You will know that I am near

When my wings create a breeze" ©

I love you and miss you both so much....you were my borrowed angels.

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