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Our Community Has Been Hit Hard By A Death Of A Young Person

Guest Gamer205

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Guest Gamer205

:( I live in Winchester Kentucky, and We have been hit hard by a death this week,

I dont know why this has bothered me in such the way it has, but Tuesday They was a Teen Girl Named

Shawna Lynn Taylor 17, and She was driven on US 60, and there was no alcohol or drugs involved just

a Tragic accident, She went off the road and hit a telephone pole, and was killed at the scene,

Its just so Sad, is it unusal, or strange to feel like I do, but its really bothering me, I just hate

it, I know how her friends must feel, cause I lost my best friend in May of 2004, in a Car Accident,

maybe that has something to do with it, because I know some of there feelings of grief and shock,

Please Those that Are Christans, Please keep her Family in your prayers, I posted on her guestbook, and

told her family, that while I didn't know Shawna, I've heard so much about how much she was liked and how

She was Careing, and She was active in her Church, in the Youth area, I posted and told her Family that I

Was so sorry for there loss, and that They were in my thoughts and prayers, and I told them to try and take

comfort in knowing that God just got his newest angel and that Shawna is now in Heaven.

:( This just hurts me so much, I Can't Imagine what her friends and expecialy her Family are going threw!

I know She had to be a Very Special person, cause theres people like me that are posting that didn't even know her

that has been effected by this Tragedy.

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Robert, I'm so sorry ~ but I am also touched by your reaction to this tragedy in your community, your compassion for this family, and your soft and loving heart.

Your post reminds me of the lines from No Man Is an Island, the beautiful poem by John Donne:

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

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