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Hello my name is Sherri and my sister who died this past Oct 2009 use to call me Sherri Boo. She fought the battle of ovarian cancer for 8 1/2 years and went to heaven on October 17, 2009 at 6:17 pm with all her family present and the Hospice Family helping. I miss her so much and I am trying to find my way. we were very close and now I am lost without her. She is my baby sister and I helped her through her journey of fighting cancer. Chemo, radiation , surgery etc. Battle after battle and fight after fight. It has been hard but I would not change any minute except for her to never have had gotten cancer. Not sure what to do from here on out, any help would be welcomed. Thank you all for listening.

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I did try to write you a long response, but I ended up not being able to....I lost my brother in December, and miss him every day. All I can say, is it has given me an outlit to write here, and post some of my thoughts, and I hope you find comfort after the loss of your sister.

I do understand how hard it is. I miss him so much my heart hurts.

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Hello Sherri. It sounds like your Sister knew her whole family was with her as her life ended. It was the same with the passing of my Mother; that depth of family care made the journey bearable and even dignified. Not everybody gets the chance to say those goodbyes.

I think I understand something of how close you were to your sister. Assisting your sister through years of medical treatment, and giving her your total support must have made you even closer to her. Somehow I grew closest to my mother in those last two years when I assisted her with medical care and when I was her caregiver. It's so strange that we struggle so desperately to preserve a life, and then are left with only loss.

If you are like most of us, grief has shaken your emotions and challenged your ability to cope. I hope you say more about how you are doing. About feeling lost and trying to find your way, I think that applies to almost everybody here. In my case just writing about my grief and getting answers has helped me regain some of my bearings. This community is a kind of brain trust; the breadth of grieving experience and the insights of members probably will help you cope with and understand your own grief. Welcome.

Ron B.

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