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My Uncle Is Lost!

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My uncle has lost 5 people that were all very close to him in a short time frame in different ways. He is very shy and wont open up! I guess he feels as a man he should be tough, but no one expects that of him. He lost his wife who left him while he was at work and left the kids in bed asleep (he worked night shift) and she left before he got home. He came home to a note lying on his bed. He adopted her son and has one biological daughter whom decided to move in with her Mom and leave my uncle. The child of hers that he adopted is well grown (24) and still lives with him but they dont get along at all. My unlce lost his dad 3 years (died of heart failure) ago and then 9 months ago his brother (died from drug abuse aged 49) and now one month ago (my Mom aged 54) his sister died of cancer! He is the youngest of his siblings (use to be 4 of them) and now it is just him and my other uncle alive. My Grandma is still alive and I have no idea how she does it. Shes a rock. Shes lost 2 of her children and her husband. My uncle wont open up but yet needs help and also really needs a companion. He is sooo lonely and now that my Mom is gone...he is falling to pieces. Can anyone give me some advise for him? Hes my uncle and I love him to death and I hate seeing him like this. His daughter hardly ever comes to see him and yet this man has a heart of GOLD!

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